Simon Wu Curatorial Writing About
Recent Selections
Dawn of Everything, Artforum, January 2022
Arturo Kameya, frieze, January 2022
Godzilla: Asian American Arts Network, Bookforum, December 2021
Cameron Rowland's Property Relations, Momus, August 2021
Grief and Grievance, frieze, May 2021
Modify Your Dissent: A Performance on the Streets of Yangon, MoMA Post Magazine, March 2021
Meriem Bennani: 2 Lizards, BOMB, June 2020
Party Politics: The Last Days of Queer Club Culture, The Drift, May 2020
For Everyone, Vulture, March 2020

Reviews and Essays
Arthur Jafa, BOMB, November 2021
Martine Syms, Art in America, September 2021
Aaron Gilbert and Martin Wong, Art in America, August 2021
Catalina Ouyang, frieze, October 2021
Martin Wong and Aaron Gilbert, Art in America, May 2021
Endless Garment at X Museum, Cultured, May 2021
Guadalupe Maravilla, MoMA Post, June 2020
Kahlil Robert Irving and Lyndon Barrois Jr., Art in America, October 2021
ArtClub2000, frieze, January 2021
Salman Toor, Artforum, April 2020
Carl Craig, The Brooklyn Rail, March 2021
Carolyn Lazard, frieze, October 2020
American Artist, frieze, August 2020
CFGNY, frieze, November 2019
Jes Fan: Think Through Your Body, Art 21 Magazine, June 2019
Tishan Hsu, The Brooklyn Rail, November 2020
Tiffany Jaeyeon Shin, The Brooklyn Rail, February 2020
Thomas Blair and Louis Osmosis, The Brooklyn Rail, January 2020
Hadi Fallahpisheh, November 2019, The Brooklyn Rail
Janiva Ellis, The Brooklyn Rail, October 2019
Sam Lavigne and Tega Brain, The Brooklyn Rail, May 2020
ANOHNI: LOVE, The Brooklyn Rail, May 2019
Viva Ruiz, The Brooklyn Rail, March 2019
Baseera Khan, Gloria Maximo and Hadi Fallahpisheh, The Offing, January 2019

Jordan Strafer Inteviewed, BOMB, January 2022
Micaela Durand and Daniel Chew, BOMB, September 2021
Iman Raad, Art 21 Magazine, December 2021
Public Assistants, MPRJ, August 2021
Alex Strada, BOMB, November 2020
Maia Chao, BOMB, February 2020