Simon Wu Curatorial Design About
formula 1

Formula 1
forthcoming Jul 2018
Curated by Simon Wu and Mira Dayal

Isometric Studios
196 S 2nd St #2c
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Data is the contemporary world’s most valuable resource. Its collection has been rapidly commodified to serve the purposes of capital, warfare, and politics, while at the same time, individuals depend on their data for self improvement and identity formation. On both a personal and a global level, then, the stakes of data-collection in the 21st century are no smaller than self-preservation, global fear and power.

Can data collection instead be mobilized toward affective, poetic, or subversive ends? Formula 1 brings together a group of artists, theorists, and writers to explore alternative uses of data collection. he curatorial premise begins with a public invitation to submit formulas for “successful” works of contemporary art. These formulas will serve as ‘recipes’ for new works to be commissioned from selected artists. Formula 1 seeks to explore the regenerative utility of formula-making and cynicism.