Simon Wu Curatorial Writing About
36 tactics

Art Across Archives
forthcoming February 2018
Curatorial Assistant for Stephanie Tung

THINK!Chinatown Gallery
384 Broadway
New York, NY 10013

Featuring Epoxy Art Group: Ming Fay, Bing Lee, and Frog King

Think!Chinatown is pleased to present Art Across Archives, an exhibition that re-constitutes the work of the EPOXY Art Group, a collective of artists hailing primarily from Hong Kong and China active in New York during the 1980s and ‘90s. The group experimented with a variety of art forms, including installation, performance, slideshows, and zines, as a collaborative means of exploring and re-framing their cross-cultural experiences in America.

The featured works, The Decolonization of Hong Kong (1992) and Thirty-Six Tactics (1987), are examples of a research-based approach to art-making. The artists sifted through mass media archives and used Xerox machines to compile their own unofficial histories of global events. Drawing upon resources as disparate as Reagan Era scandals, the Opium Wars, and classical Chinese military stratagems, these artworks piece together far-flung fragments of a world that has already happened. Traversing time and space, they gesture toward a past both travels and evolves.

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